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Mick's Martial Arts

Aug 29, 2018

Our 80th episode features a man who pulls no punches, physically and verbally. Keith Priestly is somebody Mick grew up reading about - a fearsome Kyokushin Fighter, an old school hardcore trainer, and an eternal student. He discusses his career, how he uses old training methods to continue to turn out champions, and bemoans the state of modern martial arts. And his opinions are just as strong as his punches, so don't be too surprised if some of them sting as in his own words, he's not afraid of upsetting anybody.

Mick caught up with him at the Warriors Assemble Awards in May 2018, and another old friend of the show pops up to say hi.

This episode marks 3 years since we launched this show - thank you for listening, and thank you to all our guests. If you enjoyed the show please spread the word and share amongst your friends.

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